Challenge cup

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The Open Challenge Cup is a high level, international tournament which is organized by Taekwondo Academy Ge-We, under supervision of Bruno Graziano. It has become a qualification tournament under the auspices of the Flemish Taekwondo Federation and the Belgian Taekwondo Federation.
Every year, clubs from Belgium and a lot of other European countries come to this tournament to show us the best Taekwondo performances in Belgium and beyond. This championship takes place during a whole weekend. On Saturday, there's always the technical competition and on Sunday, sparring competitors do their best to become the first in their category. The average number of participants is about 400 a day, both for the technical and the sparring competition.
We hope that You all will enjoy the Championships as well as a great stay in Tongeren, the oldest town in Belgium. We are looking forward to meet you then.

Ø Registration: For this event can only be made using the online subscription site TPSS.
  To login and register please visit.
Made available by the organization
Ø TAEKOPLAN competition software
Ø OCTAGONAL competition fields
Ø National & IR international referees
Ø DAEDO PSS electronic body protection for all categories
Ø Daedo E – HEADGEAR FOR Cadets A+B and all Juniors & Seniors

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